June 20, 2012

my first attempt - flour tortilla tacos<3

but this is kinda fake tacos because the wrapper is made of flour x)

*real* tortilla is available at the import food shop where I found my tacos sauce, but as I have mentioned already, tacos is not very popular over here, so the factory made tortilla may not be quite fresh. I want to buy some corn flour somewhere by the next time:)

This flour tortilla is, although I followed the tortilla recipe, it seemed almost exactly the same thing as the wrapper I make for other Chinese recipes. It’s basically flour, little oil and some water, plus a pinch of salt:3

In other word, anyone who knows how to make tortilla from scratch can make the gyoza wrapper I made the other day!:D

My tacos was good and looked healthy, but I want to make it more spicy the next time. The green sauce was unexpectedly mild.

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  1. denwarau said: 美味しいそう!!美味しかったですか?
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    Dear Kumako, if you ever come to Mexico, I´ll take you to eat delicious tacos. :)
  3. irobots2 said: Not fake! I had one flour and one corn taco the other day. They usually ask you what type of tortilla you want :D
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    omg looks so good!!
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  6. whyyouwishyouwereme said: I much prefer flour tortillas to corn tortillas, as do many people. Mexican restaurants over here use both, so you can choose which one you would prefer. Some of them also have spinach tortillas, but I haven’t been brave enough to try those yet lol.
  7. t-weezy said: Mmm I love tacos…That’s a shame they are not popular b/c they are very tasty & you can do so many things with them…I prefer healthy tacos..So I use fresh tilapia fillets & make California style non fried fish tacos…You should try to make them!
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