July 29, 2012

theprinceofcats said: Hi, love your tumblr! I'm a beginner Japanese student at University in Australia and I'm hoping to go on exchange to a Japanese university for 6 months next year. What Japanese city is your favourite, and why?

hi:) good to know you are studying Japanese:D

my favourite city is Sapporo for a visit. it’s such a nice compact city in itself, and you can reach beautiful nature of Hokkaido within a few hours drive to any direction from the city.

For living experience, though, I would recommend Osaka, because it has wider option for everything - food, sightseeing, cheap/luxurious stuff, and it’s close to Kyoto and Kobe, where you can expect different perspectives of Japan.

misato3310 replied to your post: 
I recommend Sapporo/Hokkaido too! My city, my love….=)

same with me! my hometown:)

  1. misato3310 said: I recommend Sapporo/Hokkaido too! My city, my love….=)
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