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at Shimbashi street in Kyoto

at Shimbashi street in Kyoto

looks very international

looks very international

Torii gate

Ikuta shrine in Kobe

I visited Ebis shrine festival last Saturday. There are many Ebis shrines all over the nation, but especially in Kansai, they often have annual Ebis festival in January.

random snap shots from Ebis shrine festival in my neighborhood last Saturday

Sometimes I like to walk in the temple/shrine property.

It’s often very quiet.

(related to the previous post)

As this shrine was pretty famous, everybody hoped to visit there at least once in a lifetime. But some people were too old and some people lived too far to get there by themselves. So, it was common to get their dogs to visit the shrine.

Even today, this shrine let visitors come with their dogs, which is quite rare as a shrine.

I found this cute dog-themed fortune teller omikuji and bough one for myself.

Fortunately, it was 大吉(daikichi), which forecasts the best luck:)

There’s this famous shrine called Kompira-san in Takamatsu, Kagawa.

There’re around 1000 steps to get to the top.

I saw the festival at the nearby shrine yesterday.

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